Start’em Sit’em: Week 2 Fantasy Football


Quarterbacks to Start: Andrew Luck, Carson Palmer, RG3

Quarterbacks to Sit: Cutler, Romo, Eli Manning

Running Backs to Start: Alfred Morris, Andre Ellington

Running Backs to Sit: Steven Jackson, Ryan Matthews

Wide Receivers to Start: Pierre Garçon/ Desean Jackson, Marques Colston

Wide Receivers To Sit: Victor Cruz, Keenan Allen

Tight End To Start: Jordan Reed

Tight End To Sit: Antonio Gates

NFL Week 2 Preview and Predictions

Week 2 of the NFL kicks off on Thursday with the Pittsburgh Steelers visiting the Baltimore Ravens.

Pittsburgh vs Baltimore: I like Pittsburgh in this one. Baltimore has a ton going on with the whole Ray Rice situation. Prediction: Steelers

Miami vs Buffalo: Both teams surprisingly won in week one over the Bears and Patriots respectively. If the Dolphins offensive line can continue to pass protect and give Tannehill time, the Dolphins can win some games. Prediction: Dolphins

Jaguars vs Redskins: The Jaguars got off to a good start in week one, after leading by 17 they gave up 34 straight against the Eagles. RG3 looks to throw his first touchdown of the season as he was shut out in the department against the Texans. Prediction: Redskins

Cowboys vs Titans: Tony Romo and the Cowboys struggled at home against the 49ers. The Titans went on the road and won against the Chiefs. Prediction: Titans

Cardinals vs Giants: Eli Manning continues to struggle. The Cardinals defense looks good. Carson Palmer continues to re-invent himself in Arizona. Prediction: Cardinals

Browns vs Saints: Saints lost a close game against the Falcons in week one. The Browns came back from a 27-3 deficit against the Steelers just only to lose. Prediction: Saints

Patriots vs Vikings: In a surprise, the Patriots lost by 13 to Miami in week one. The Vikings steamrolled the short-handed Rams. No one in New England is panicking yet, but if the Patriots lose here, its time to worry. Prediction: Patriots

Falcons vs Bengals: Matt Ryan looked great throwing for 448 yards vs the Saints. The Bengals beat division for Ravens on the road. Bengals have won 9 straight at home. Prediction: Bengals

Broncos vs Chiefs: The Broncos beat the Colts in week one while the Chiefs looked terrible in a loss against the Titans. Prediction: Broncos

Packers vs Jets: Packers look to rebound from a week one loss in Seattle. The Jets beat the Raiders in week one. Prediction: Packers

St. Louis vs Tampa Bay: With out Sam Bradford, the Rams offense couldn’t do much in week one. The Bucs need more from their passing game. Prediction: Buccaneers

Chargers vs Seahawks: San Diego loss a tough one in Seattle on Monday night. Seattle took care of Green Bay at home. Prediction: Seattle

Texans vs Raiders: Texans got bad news with the loss of Clowney for 4-6 weeks. The Raiders didn’t look good in week one versus the Jets. Prediction: Texans.

Bears vs 49ers: The 49ers beat up on the Cowboys in week one, while the Bears lost to Buffalo. Prediction: 49ers

Eagles vs Colts: The Colts came up short against Denver on Sunday night. The Eagles took care of Jacksonville in week one. Prediction: Colts

Season Record: 8-8

Last week: 8-8

How Florida State has looked thus far

Author, Eddie Ray.
Twitter @king_lbgb

With a bye week upcoming, Florida State Seminoles Football squad and their coaching staff have much to think about after their convincing win against the Citadel Bulldogs. Though few, if any, had any doubt of the final outcome, the game was not entirely a cakewalk. Against the triple option offense that Citadel ran, the Noles defense was rather uncharacteristically weak, giving up a total of 250 yards on the ground—115 of which came against the first-team defense in the first half.

The alarming total should come with little surprise, however, as the supposed “vaunted” defensive front of the FSU Seminoles gave up a total of 188 yards on the ground the week before, to the inferior team of Oklahoma State. Now this is nothing to get too worked up about, seeing as how right as the whistle blew, three defensive tackles—Eddie Goldman, Nile Lawrence-Stample and Justin Shanks-left the game with lower extremity injuries; something that the Citadel offensive line players later admitted to purposely doing. The injuries do not seem to be too severe, but it may be something to look at seeing as how the schedule, and the running backs, only getter stronger and better moving forward.

With Clemson and Notre Dame coming to town in the next 5 weeks after the rest, the Noles need to answer some important question marks that are presented by the defensive line. But the question marks, sadly, do not cease there. Seeing as how special teams makes up 1/3 of the entire game, you can call Noles Punter-Cason Beatty-a “not so special player.” With a meager average of 36.5-yards per punt, and a long of about 41 yards, the stats just don’t look good for the Noles starting punter. Jimbo Fisher has said that Cason is better than sophomore walk-on Jonathan Hernandez, so it looks like we will have to put up with Cason’s minimal average for the entire season.

These puny punts put major pressure on our defense which reverts me right back to my initial point, which is the not so efficient defense that the Noles posses. Now, notice how I do not go out and say they are “Bad”, but rather, underachieving. With missed tackles plaguing the Noles talent-rich defense, the Bulldogs, and the Cowboys, honestly got more than they should have. Injury is actually, a not so bad excuse, however. An already thin defensive line group has now gotten even thinner, and the backfield of the Noles is wonderful, until they sit, and the backups come in, allowing two throwing scores to the bulldogs last Saturday night. However, all is not crummy for the Noles so far. The question marks surrounding Heisman hopeful Jameis Winston’s throwing performance were put aside with an amazing game against a talented Bulldogs secondary. Winston went 22-of-27, passing for 256 yards and two touchdowns in three quarters of work against the ‘dogs. He was backed by a great running game featuring a touchdown by true freshman Dalvin Cook, and a long awaited TD by starting tailback Karlos Williams.

In the end, the Seminoles offense rushed for a wonderful 203 yards, and passed for a total of 284 yards. All en route to winning a school record 18 games straight. So, though there are a number of questions surrounding the Florida State Seminoles as they enter their bye week, mainly on the defensive side of the ball, the great coaching mind of Jimbo Fisher will figure it all out before the game versus Clemson. All is well in Tally.

NFL Week 2 Recap

The first week of the NFL season has come and gone. Let’s take a look at some results

Falcons defeat Saints 37-34. Matt Ryan set a franchise record throwing for 448 yards in the Falcons win. Its on the fourth time in the last 17 the Falcons have beaten the Saints. The Miami Dolphins in a bit of a surprise knocked off division foe New England 33-20. Pittsburgh held on to beat the Cleveland Browns 30-27 after blowing a 27-3 lead. The Broncos beat the Colts 31-24 after leading 24-0. Couple of other surprise scores had the Bills beating the Bears 23-20 and the Titans beating the Chiefs 26-10.

Was 9-6-14 The Worst Day In Big Ten Football History?

Mark it down, on saturday September 6th 2014, the Big Ten may have had its worst day in football history. Why do I say this? Let’s take a look at a few games and tell me what you think.

Michigan State Spartans, the favorite to win the Big Ten in 2014, got beat 46-27 to the Oregon Ducks. The Spartans gave up 28 points unanswered in the loss.

The Ohio State Buckeyes. The team that was thought to be a playoff contender this season, the Buckeyes lost at home to the Virginia Tech Hokies. The Buckeyes defense struggled as they did a year ago losing 35-21. Coach Urban Meyer has now lost 3 of his last 4 after winning his first 24 games as Buckeyes head coach.

The Michigan Wolverines took on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. It was never even close. The Wolverines were shut out for the first time since 1984 in a 31-0 loss to Notre Dame.

In some other match ups, Illinois beat Western Kentucky 42-34. Rutgers struggled against Howard only winning 38-25. Purdue was embarrassed at home to Central Michigan 38-17. Northwestern lost at home to Northern Illinois 23-15. Iowa squeaked out a win in a 16-13 win over Ball State.

In final match ups saw Wisconsin win 37-3 over Western Illinois. Minnesota defeated MTSU 35-24. Maryland defeated USF 24-17. Nebraska needed a miracle play in beating McNeese State 31-24, and Penn. State beat Akron 21-3.

With MSU and OSU losing, and Purdue and Northwestern’s embarrassing losses at home, this could very well be the worst day in Big Ten football history. What do you think?

Week 2 College Football Recap

In week two the Oregon Ducks were the big winners. They knocked of Michigan State 46-27 after scoring 28 points unanswered. A normally good Spartans defense gave up 491 yards of offense.

USC knocked off Stanford in a defense battle. The Trojans made a 53 yard field goal with two and half minutes play. The defense then forced and recovered a fumble with 30 seconds to play.

Ohio State loses to Virginia Tech. After winning his first 24 games as Buckeyes head coach, Urban Meyer has now lost 3 of his last 4. The Buckeyes defense continues to struggle as they did a year ago.

Notre Dame shuts out Michigan. The Wolverines were shut out for the first time since 1984 in a 31-0 defeat to the Irish.