The Facebook Affect

Facebook gives us the opportunity to connect and keep up with old friends. It gives us a chance to motivate, inspire and help others. But for every positive to everything, it seems there is a negative. Lets check out some pros and cons of Facebook.

  • Positives
  • Talk to old friends
  • Keep up with long-lost relatives
  • Able to spread news quickly
  • Keep everyone up to date with your life
  • Share Pictures to show how you or your children have grown
  • Promote things. Blogs, businesses or anything else you would like to promote
  • Negatives
  • People Stalking others
  • People Spreading rumors about others
  • People making fake profiles of others
  • People being Immature on all their post
  • People posting statues that shouldn’t be on Facebook.
  • Game Invites
  • Spam

I truly enjoy Facebook myself. However, it seems to cause lots of drama. But, is it Facebook or the people using it? Tell me about your Facebook experiences and why you do and don’t like Facebook.

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